How To Install A Self-loading Concrete Mixer

Self loading concrete mixer assembly

一、Check the container outside

1.Check the container outside

1.1 Check if there is serious damage around the container, if so, please take some pictures.

1.2 Check the integrity of the seal (the appearance of the seal is confirmed according to the actual situation)

1.3 If there is no problem, then open the container, and unloading the machine

二、Check container inside

After opening the container, do not rush to unload the goods, first go inside the container to check:

1. Check if the parts are bumpy or damaged. if there is any damage, please don’t forget to take a picture and video.

2. Check if the quantity of the spare parts is the same as the invoice.

3. After confirming, untie and transport out the parts and components (cab-mixing drum-fittings-the-truck) from outside to inside.

2. Drum out of the container

3. The truck body out of the container

When the cab is not flat, the ignition is turned on.

The cab is slowly laid flat. During the transfer, the cab should be secured.

4. Operation valve installation

5. Air conditioner installation

Ensure that the wire connection is firm and reliable.

After installation, the air conditioner is added with fluoride.

6. Seat installation

7. Cab installation

A sling or wire rope, the sling lifting weight is 1 ton.

The sling is about 1 meter long and the crane is more than 3 tons.

Weigher wire connection

The sling is about 1 meter long and the crane is more than 3 tons.

When the five-pin aviation plug is installed, the AD value of the display interface is used to confirm whether the oil pressure sensor is correct

(AD1 is greater than AD2, which means it is correct, otherwise, the aviation plug position needs to be exchanged).

There is a fixing bolt at the four corners of the cab.

8. Radiator installation

9. Drum installation

The tank body is hoisted with a sling at the front and the back, and each sling lifts 3 tons.

The sling is about 3 meters long and the crane weighs more than 3 tons.

Fix the reducer with four pairs of nuts and bolts.

Insert an open-ended wrench from the lower square hole to clamp the bolt head, and use a wrench to lock the double nut.

Connect the 3 oil pipes in the corresponding order, tighten and install.

10. Headlight installation

11. Footrest installation

12. Tyre installation

13. Mudguard installation

14. Welding(Before)

When soldering, remove the battery and protect it from overheating and burn out the tubing.

15. Welding(After)

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