Drum Asphalt Mix Plant

Drum Asphalt Mix Plant

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Asphalt drum mix plant can achieve the continuous mixing of bitumen, so it also called continuous mix asphalt plant. Different from other types of asphalt mixing plant, the drying and mixing of asphalt drum mix plant is carried out in one machine, namely, drying drum. Drum mix asphalt plant can produce all kinds of asphalt mixture. In recent years, road construction industry is booming and asphalt is important materials for road construction, so more and more customers are willing to invest an asphalt drum mix plant to get a lot of benefits. Usually, drum mix asphalt plant can be used for graded road construction, airport projects, highway engineering and so on. This article will introduce drum asphalt mixing plant briefly for you.

Characteristics Of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

1. Small occupation area. Drum mix asphalt plant can achieve the drying and mixing the cold aggregate in one machine, which can reduce the machine occupation area. Small occupation area can reduce your construction site fees.

2. Modular and compact structure. Since asphalt drum mixing plant appears on the market, we have been keeping innovation to meet the customer’s needs. Under our engineer’s unremitting efforts, our asphalt drum mixing plant has been improved. Its modular and compact structure make it more convenient and easier to disassemble and install.

3. High production capacity. Drum mix asphalt plant adopts the way of continuous mixing, which reduces the interval time and greatly improves the working efficiency. Therefore, if you have a high demand for asphalt in one hour or one day, drum mix plant is a good choice for you.

4. Parts of international famous brand. Our parts of asphalt drum mixing plant adopts international famous brand, like Siemens, Dupont. Good parts can not only prolong the service life and reduce its failure rate. When there are something wrong with some parts, we can provide you with alternative parts in time.

5. Advanced control system. Asphalt drum mixing plant adopts advanced PLC control system, which makes the operation simpler and easier. You just need several workers that can operate the whole process, reducing the labor intensity and cost.