Self-loading Pan Mixer

How to operate the 1.6 Cub self-loading pan mixer?

This video explains the operation process in detail. The self-loading pan mixer is a new type of self-loading mixer truck developed by us. The mixing host adopts the pan mixer, which is suitable for some small construction projects.

Latest Case – AS-1.2 Pan Self-loading Mixer To French Polynesia

4 Steps Of The Self-loading Pan Mixer:

Step 1

-turn on the power switch

Step 2

-turn on the key start(clockwise rotation)

-First press “ key start”, then press “ hydraulic oil cool fan”. When working, the “ hydraulic oil cool fan’’ button should be opened.

-When driving on the road, put it on the high working speed gear. When working, put it on the low working speed gear!!

Step 3

-The mixing boom lifts up and down to lift and discharging the material.

-Operation lever Forward is to raise the boom, and backward is to lower the boom. To the left is to open the hopper door on the mixing arm. To the right is to close the hopper door on the mixing arm.

-Operation lever controls No. 1 unloading door to open and close

-Operation lever controls No. 2 unloading door to open and close

Step 4

-Mixer forward turns and reversal turn. Generally reversal function does not use.

-lever forward push is forward stirring, and the backward push is reversing stirring.

Cabin operation button:

1 Power(turn right to open)
2 hand brake(forward to open)
3 Mixer(forward to positive, backward to reversal)
4 Foot Brake
5 key Start
6 Vibration
7 High/Low speed on the road
8 Cool Fan
9 Drive Room Fan
10 Wiper
11 Water Pump
12 Accelerator
13 Front and back lifting boom Left and right open and closing bucket door
14 Hand Accelerator
15 1# Mixer Door
16 2# Mixer Door
17 Flameout
18 Turn Signal
19 Car Lights
20 Fog Lights
21 High/Low working speed
22 Forward/Back gear
23 Monitor
24 Car Horn

Advantages of self-loading Pan Mixer:

Convenient to move around;
Simple operation;
Save 5 labor at least every day, No need electric supply, No need mixer truck, No need wheel loader;
More economical and money maker, smart choice;
Star product in 2020 and top sale;


1. Overloading is strictly prohibited! Overloading will lead to unforeseen safety accidents.
2. Before using the mixer truck, the driver and related personnel must carefully read the maintenance manual or operation manual and follow the prescribed items. Or it will result in serious consequences and unnecessary losses.

3. Driver’s wear should meet safety requirements and wear the necessary protective equipment.

4. In the narrow or hazardous working area, a warning sign must be set within its range or at a dangerous point.

5. Drivers are strictly prohibited from drunk driving or over-fatigue driving.

6. Before checking the mixing tank, you must put a warning label on the steering wheel and disconnect the battery.

7. After the mixer has stopped, get on or get off the vehicle in the place where there is a ladder handrail. Never jump up and down while the vehicle is working or walking.

8. When repairing the mixer truck requires lifting the arm, the raised boom must be secured. If the maintenance is not completed, the boom will never fall.

9. Before the mixer truck travels, take out the extension chute and secure it with the hooks. The discharge chute is fixed in the driving position and its handle has to be locked.

10. When driving, always remember that the center of gravity of the mixer is high and the mixing tank filled with concrete is eccentric to the right when rotating. When the vehicle turns to the left, it should be more careful than when turning to the right. When transporting concrete, it is prohibited the speed of mixing tank speed exceeds 10 rpm.

11. It is strictly forbidden to get close to the moving parts of the rotating drum. It is strictly prohibited to touch the rotating roller and the drive shaft by hand.

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