Dry Mix Mortar Production Line

Aimix Dry Mix Mortar Plant Working Processes

The core workflow of the Dry Mix Mortar Plant:

In recent years, the dry mix mortar production plant has developed remarkably. Why is dry mortar plant for sale popular? In my opinion, it has the following features. On the one hand, dry mix mortar manufacturing plant can produce various high-quality dry mortar, like masonry mortar, repair mortar, waterproof mortar, ground mortar, caulking mortar that has a wide application in the construction industry. On the other hand, compared with mixing mortar on-site, the dry mortar mixing plant greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces labor intensity. Moreover, dry mix mortar production line also has the characteristics of environmental protection and saving maintenance fees. Therefore, investing in a dry mortar production line is a wise choice for you.

How Does Dry Mix Mortar Plant Work?

In order to ensure that the operators can operate the mortar production safely, they need to learn the working principle of the mortar production line in advance. Then I will introduce to you briefly.

Workflow of dry mortar production line
Workflow of dry mortar production line

First, the drying system needs to dry the wet sand. The dried sand is transported to the raw material storage system by the dry sand hoisting system. Of course, the raw material storage system can not only store the dried sand but also the cement, fly ash, and other raw materials. Then the raw materials and additive will be weighed by the weighing system according to pre-set proportion. The next step is mixing. All weighed materials are mixed in the mixing system. The dry mix mortar is produced.

At that time, you can choose different finished produce storage systems, bulk systems, or bag packing system. If you don’t need to use these dry mix mortar, you can store them in the end product storage system. You just need to transport these dry mix mortar by the end product hoisting system. If you need to use the dry mortar, you just need to pack them by the bag packing system or directly transport them to the construction site by a concrete mixer truck.

Check Out The Specification Of Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Our Aimix Group is a professional dry mortar plant manufacturer, so we have many different types and models of dry mortar plant that you can select. Depending on different standards, our dry mortar plants can be divided into different types.

According to its automatic degree, dry mix plant has semi-automatic type and fully automatic type. As its name implied, the automatic degree of fully automatic type is higher than semi-automatic type. Correspondingly, the semi-automatic type dry mix mortar plant price is lower than fully automatic type plant price. If you have a high demand for dry mix mortar, you can consider the fully automatic type dry mix mortar plant with higher productivity.

As for the production capacity, our dry mix mortar manufacturing plant can produce 5 to 100 ton dry mix mortar per hour. So according to its productivity, our dry mortar equipment has a simple type, middle type, and large type for your selection. Maybe you should first estimate how much dry mortar you need per year or per day, and then you can pick up a suitable model for your engineering based on its production capacity.

Of course, we are glad to help you on selecting a suitable model of machine.

Advantages Of Dry Mix Mortar Manufacturing Plant

1. Adopt the new European version three-way high-efficiency dryer. It can not only effectively improve the unit capacity and site utilization rate, but also greatly reduce the unit energy consumption and realize green and energy-saving production.

2. Adopting the top batching mode of tower layout can greatly reduce the delivery time of material proportion, improve production efficiency, and reduce material cost.

3. The mixer adopts a double shaft gravity impeller mixer to ensure mixing accuracy and efficiency.

4. Depending on different formulas, weighing in proportion accurately.

5. Use famous brand electrical elements and PLC, convenient for operation and management.

6. The automatic telescopic bulk system can efficiently and conveniently import the finished mortar from the finished warehouse into the bulk mortar tanker, which can improve the utilization rate of the mortar, and effectively increase the efficiency and reduce the loss.

7. We provide a variety of packaging solutions, such as impeller valve mouth packaging machine, pneumatic valve mouth packaging machine, open pocket packaging machine, to meet the needs of different customers.

Consider The Following Questions Before Purchasing

Although we have some specific model of dry mix mortar plant, we also can customize the machine for you according to your requirement. Because different countries have different environmental requirements and weather conditions, the dry mortar machine needs different configurations. Before you purchase the dry mortar mixer machine, you should think about the following questions.

  • How much capacity (t/h) do you need for a dry mortar plant?
  • What type of dry mortar do you want to produce?
  • How many kinds of raw materials do you have? What are they?
  • Do you need and drying machine?
  • What is your fuel, coal, gas, or diesel?
  • What is the humidity of the input wet sand?
  • What is the humidity of the dry sand?
  • Do you need bag packing or bulk truck loading after mixing?
  • Any special requirements for layout design?

Pay More Attention To Its Daily Maintenance

Right daily maintenance can not only reduce the machine failure rate but also prolong its service life. Here are some daily maintenance methods for you! I hope it is helpful.

1. Ensure the cleanness of the dry mix mortar plant. And clear the material in the hopper in time to make the sensor return to zero normally.

2. Check whether the lubricating oil at each lubrication point is enough, and the oil mist device in the air circuit system should keep enough oil.

3. Dry mix mortar production plant must be installed on a solid foundation, pay attention to adjust the loading platform, unloading platform.

4. Before operating the dry mix mortar making plant, check and confirm that the rotating parts, working devices, protective devices and other parts are complete. Before feeding, run the dry mortar plant under the empty condition. And check whether the stirring state is normal. If it is normal, add the materials and mix them.

5. In the operation of a dry mix mortar plant, it is not allowed to use wooden sticks and other tools to reach into the mixing cylinder to clean up the mortar and mixing materials. Moreover, it is forbidden to insert body parts into the equipment before the equipment stops.

6. If it is found that the fault cannot be turned during operation, the power should be cut off immediately and the mortar in the mixing cylinder should be poured out for maintenance and troubleshooting.

7. After the operation, you should cut off the power, lock the control room, and clean the construction site, and dry the mortar mixing plant.

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