Asphalt Mixing Plant Workflow

Asphalt mixing plant for sale is mainly used to produce all kinds of asphalt according to the different proportions, such as asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, color asphalt mixture, etc. Asphalt mixing plant for sale has a wide application on the construction of highways, graded roads, ports, municipal roads, airports, and so on. So in recent years, with the development of the construction industry, especially road construction, the demand for asphalt plants for sale is increasing. Asphalt mixing plant for sale has many different types and models, which makes you pick up a satisfying machine. Before you purchase the asphalt plants for sale, you should have a brief introduction to this machine.

Different Types Of Asphalt Mixing Plant Is Suitable For Different Projects

The types of asphalt mixing plants for sale include stationary type asphalt plant, mobile type asphalt plant, batch mix type asphalt plant, drum mix type asphalt plant, small type asphalt plant, hot mix type asphalt plant, cold mix type asphalt plant, etc. Different types of asphalt mixing plant for sale is suitable for different construction engineering.

Stationary Type Asphalt Plant VS Mobile Type Asphalt Plant

Stationary type asphalt mixing equipment for sale needs to lay the foundation before you install it. So it is more suitable for these projects that don’t need to transfer it frequently. If your construction projects are concentrated, stationary asphalt mixing plant for sale is worth purchasing. The excellent advantages of a stationary asphalt production plant are stable performance, long service life, and strong adaptability.

Mobile asphalt mixing plant china has its own chassis. Its main components are fixed on the chassis, so it is easier to move the mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale from one construction site to another. If your projects is more scattered, you can consider purchasing the mobile asphalt plant equipment. The unique characteristic of mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale is convenient transportation and easy installation.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant VS Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt batch mix plant is also called compulsory mix asphalt plant. The heating and drying of aggregate and mixing of mixture are compulsory and periodic. The two processes are carried out in two different machines. The aggregate mixture is mixed pot by pot and the mixing time for each pot is 45 seconds. The mixing quality of the batch mix asphalt plant is high, so batch mix type asphalt plant is more suitable for these projects that have higher requirements, such as highways, municipal roads, airports, etc. The features of batch mix china asphalt mixing plant are high mixing quality, low failure rate, and durability.

Asphalt drum mix plant is also named continuous mix asphalt plant. Asphalt drum mix plant adopts continuous mixing method to produce the asphalt. The drying and mixing of aggregate is carried out continuously in the same machine. Therefore, drum mix asphalt mixing plant for sale has higher productivity output compared with different types of asphalt mixing plant for sale. Asphalt drum mix plant is suitable for rural roads or low graded roads. The biggest features of drum mix type asphalt mix plant for sale is high productivity and simple operation.

Large Size Mix Plant VS Small Size Asphalt Plant

As its name implied, the large size asphalt planet has large production output. In general, if the productivity of asphalt mixing plant for sale is below 40t per hour, that is a small type of asphalt mix plant for sale. Its production capacity is between 40t per hour to 240t per hour, which is a medium size bitumen mixing plant. If its productivity is above 240t per hour, that is a large-size asphalt mix plant for sale.

You should learn how much asphalt you need in one hour or one day, you will know what size of asphalt plant china you need to buy. Selecting a suitable model of asphalt mixing plant for sale is important. That is because a suitable machine can not only meet your construction needs but also save your investment capital.

The first step of buying a good asphalt plant machine is to pick up a suitable type and model. No matter what confusion you have, welcome to leave your message to consult us. We will give you the most professional advice.

How Does An Asphalt Plant Work?

The asphalt mixing plant is mainly made of a cold aggregate supply system, drum dryer, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, weighing system, mixer machine, dust collector, filler supply system, bitumen supply system, control system, and so on. The working principle of an asphalt concrete plant is simple. The specific process is as follows.

First, the loader transports the different cold aggregate to the corresponding cold aggregate bin. Then the cold aggregate is weighed and conveyed to the drying drum. The drying drum will heat and dry the weighed cold aggregate, so the cold aggregate will become hot aggregate. The hot aggregate will be transported to the hot aggregate storage bin by the hot aggregate elevator. After screening, the hot aggregate will be conveyed to the mixer machine.

At the same time, the dust produced by the drying drum will be collected by the dust collector. During treatment, the dust will be transported to the powder storage bin by the screw conveyor. The bitumen is weighed continuously by the bitumen supply system.

Then, the weighed bitumen and weighed powder are conveyed to the mixer machine. The hot aggregate, bitumen, and powder are mixed together in the mixer machine.

At last, the whole process is finished. Asphalt is produced.

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