AS-2.6 Self-loading Mixer After-Sales Maintenance In The Philippines

This video records our after-sales engineers and sales staff helping customers in the Philippines solve the operational problems of AS-2.6 self-loading mixers.

Self-loading concrete mixers are our company’s best-selling products, and we have sold many units in the Philippines. Because we have a fixed office in the Philippines, our after-sales service is perfect. This time, the customer encountered some problems during the use of the equipment, We immediately went to the construction site to help customers solve it.

The self-loading mixer truck purchased by the customer was mainly used to build an ice cream factory. Due to the customer’s unskilled operation of the equipment, some problems occurred during use and the machine could not operate normally. Our after-sales engineer solved the problem immediately after inspecting the equipment. The client thanked us very much, felt that our after-sales service was very timely and attentive. They trusted us very much and invited us to visit their construction site.

Product Demand Survey
  • What products do you need?
    • Concrete batching plant ( Stationary type, mobile type, foundation free type, Modular Type);
    • Concrete pump ( With mixer or only the trailer)  ( diesel type, electric type);
    • Self loading concrete mixer ( 1.2m3,1.8m3, 2.6m3, 3.5m3, 4.0m3, 5.5m3, 6.5m3);
    • Block making machine ( Shapes, sizes, quantities);
    • Asphalt plant ( Stationary type, mobile type / Batch plant, Drum Plant);
    • Crusher plant ( Stationary type, mobile type);
  • What project the machine will be used for? Building; Road ; Bridge; Block Making; Dam; Airport; Others?
  • Height above the sea level of installation site? Below 500m; 500m-1000m; 1000m-2500m; Over 2500mm?
  • Local Weather is? Cold zone, Warm zone, Hot zone?
  • Voltage is? 220V, 380V, 415V, 440V, Other?
  • Frequency is? 50HZ, 60HZ?

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