Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

Automatic fly ash brick making machine is a modern type of brick machine, which has a high automatic degree. Our fly ash bricks making machine can realize automatic production from feeding raw materials, mixing, conveying to palletizing, and packing. This can not only improve working efficiency but also reduce labor intensity and cost. As its name implies, an automatic fly ash brick machine mainly takes fly ash as its raw material. So you don’t need to spend too much money on purchasing the raw aggregate. If you are interested, welcome to inquiry us.

How To Reflect The Automation Of Fly Ash Brick Making Machine?

Compared with traditional brick making machine, the biggest features of fly ash bricks machine is its high automatic degree. So maybe you should want to know where its automation of fly ash making machine can be reflected. Then I will introduce briefly for you.

At first, the fly ash manufacturing machines can achieve weighing automatically. The automatic hydraulic fly ash brick making machine can produce different shape and size of bricks. Different bricks need different raw materials. Operators only need to set different parameters in advance in the console, then the weighing hopper will weigh aggregate according to these parameters. This not only saves the tedious manual measurement but also ensures the accuracy and continuity of weighing.

Next, an automatic fly ash brick making machine can automatically change the supporting plate. When the bricks are placed on the supporting plate, the ash brick machine can automatically send them to a fixed position without manual handling many times.

Finally, the whole production process of the fly ash brick press machine is controlled by the PLC control system. It is easy to operate. This also makes the performance more stable.

To sum up, an automatic fly ash machine is conducive to saving your time and efforts. And this can reduce your production cost.

Check The Specifications Of Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

When you want to invest in an automatic fly ash brick plant, the most concerning thing is to choose the right model of fly ash brick plant. About the specification of fly ash brick making machine, it includes fully automatic brick making machine and semi-automatic fly ash bricks machine. Their difference is the different control systems. The specifications of fly ash bricks fully automatic machine have ABM-3S, ABM-4S, ABM-4SE, ABM-6S, ABM-8S, ABM-10S, ABM-12S, etc.

Let’s take ABM-4S as an example. The number of 4 is representative of the number of the brick of each mold. The bigger the number is, the higher the productivity is. The number of 15 is representative of the molding cycle. In general, it is in seconds. The smaller the number is, the higher its production output is.

Advantages Of Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine

1. The automatic fly ash brick making machine body is made of strong shaped steel and special welding technology and material, which is hard and shockproof;

2. A multi-purpose machine. You can quickly replace the mold to produce different specification and shapes of brick products like pavement bricks, interlocking bricks, solid bricks, hollow bricks, etc;

3. Equipped with an imported computer, electrical appliances and part of the hydraulic components, the comprehensive performance of the automatic fly ash brick making machine is stable and reliable;

4. Mechanical transmission, compact structure, convenient maintenance, flexible operation, and good reliability;

5. Brick products have high strength, good compactness, accurate appearance size, and regular shape, which has a wide application;

6. PLC programming control and fully automatic production, which is easy to operate;

7. Comprehensive utilization of waste, saving purchase cost, and protecting the environment.

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