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What Is Concrete Boom Pump

Equipped with different lengths of concrete placing boom, concrete boom pump for sale can reach the height that the traditional concrete pumps can’t reach. With the development of the social economy, people have higher and higher requirements on the construction speed and quality of infrastructure. But the working efficiency of the traditional pump machine is still low. The concrete boom pump truck for sale is a good solution to this problem. Because the boom concrete pump has its own chassis, it is easy to move. So whether in rural areas or urban areas, our boom pump concrete also can work smoothly. Usually, concrete pump with boom has a wide application on the construction bridge, subway, tall building, highway, port, and so on.

Advantages Of Aimix Concrete Boom Pump For Sale

1. Customize the concrete placing boom for you. As we all know, different models of concrete pump long boom is equipped with different lengths of concrete placing boom, such as, 28m, 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, etc. Besides these specific lengths, if you don’t need a long placing boom, we also can customize for you.

2. The lubrication system of concrete tower boom pump adopts automatic multi-point lubrication technology, namely, one-to-one lubrication, having a better lubrication effect.

3. The electrical system of our concrete pump and boom has a high degree of automation, which can be controlled automatically or manually.

4. The independently developed energy-saving control system enables the engine output power to automatically match with the change of load, thus reducing fuel consumption.

5. Effective design of protection operation control of concrete boom pumps can ensure the safe and reliable operation of system.

6. Adopt China Dongfeng or heavy-duty truck chassis, having the strong bearing capacity and good dynamic performance.

7. Our concrete boom pump for sale also has the features of easy operation and saving labor intensity and cost.

Concrete Boom Pump Specification

The specification of boom pumps for sale is an important basis for your choice of machine. Before you buy the boom pump for sale, our salesman will show you our product, including its pictures, specifications, working video, application, some successful case, and so on. In this process, if you have any questions, you can ask them. They will spare no efforts to help you.

About the length of concrete placing boom, we can provide you with different lengths. Chassis is a crucial part of a boom pump truck for sale. So we use the well-known brand for chassis. Besides chassis, other spare parts of concrete boom pumps for sale also use famous brands, such as Siemens, Rexroth, Parker, Eaton, Caspar, etc. Therefore, you don’t worry about the quality of our truck-mounted concrete boom pump at all. High-quality concrete boom pump sales can not only increase its service life but also reduce its failure rate.

Concrete Boom Pump Video

In recent years, our boom pump for concrete becomes more and more popular. More and more customers are willing to buy our boom-mounted pump. Why is our concrete boom pump for sale hot sale? That is because our boom pump sale helps these customers gain a great profit. Up to now, our concrete boom pump truck for sale has transported to many countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Burma, Ethiopia, South Africa, Thailand, etc.

Whether you are a new customer or an old customer, welcome to leave your message to us if you have any need for a boom concrete pump. Our professional team will serve you better. Before purchasing, they can help you learn about our machine and our company. Moreover, you can visit our factory. In the process of the sale, you can get the free service for installation and debugging of concrete boom pumps sale. During using our boom pump concrete, no matter what you have any problem, we will try our best to help you.

Then, you can watch a video about the working process of the concrete boom pump.

How To Save Your Concrete Boom Pump Price?

Most customers want to get a good quality concrete boom pump at the most reasonable price. So how to minimize the concrete boom pump price? Here are some useful tips for you.

On the one hand, you should save the purchase cost at the beginning. This means that you should look for a reliable concrete boom pump manufacturer. Why do I say? The credible concrete boom pump manufacturers can help you pick up a suitable model of a machine to reduce your initial cost. Like our Aimix Group, we can win the trust of our customers not only because of our high-quality concrete boom pump for sale but of favorable price.

On the other hand, you also can strengthen the maintenance of concrete pump long boom, then reduce the failure rate and maintenance cost. Regular inspection for the boom pump can find some problems with the machine in time. In addition, this method can effectively reduce the degree of wear and tear of the concrete pump with a boom.

If you want to know more tips for saving your concrete boom pump cost, welcome to contact us! We can provide you with more information.

How To Operate A Concrete Boom Pump

Operators should use the concrete boom pump for sale in strict accordance with the instructions. Before each use of the machine, the operator should do as follows.

1. Concrete boom pump for sale should be as far as possible away from the high line and other obstacles. Meanwhile, the power switch of the operating station should be in a closed state.

2. Check the ground condition. The supporting ground needs to be flat and firm, so as not to sag during the working process.

3. When the concrete placing boom is extended or retracted from the folded state, it must be carried out in the prescribed order. What’s more, the placing boom shall not be used for lifting in stormy conditions or when the wind force is above grade eight.

4. When start or stop pumping, contact the operator at the end hose in advance to ensure safe operation.

5. At the end of the operation, the boom should be fully retracted onto the boom bracket and the supporting legs should be fully retracted.

Don’t worry, our engineers will tell you these notices about the operation before you begin using the machine.

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