Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Tile adhesive manufacturing plant produced by our Aimix Group can produce high-quality tile adhesive that has a wide application in wall construction, house building construction, and other construction industry. When your project needs the tile adhesive, you just need to mix the tile adhesive into water. Then you can use the mixture for your projects. Tile adhesive production line can produce in batch. So whether you want to use it right now or transport it to another site, it is convenient for you. If you want to learn more information about the tile adhesive making machine, you can continue to read this article.

Select the suitable model of tile adhesive production line

It is important to step for customers to choose a suitable model of tile adhesive manufacturing plants. If your project is not very big but you purchase a large type tile adhesive mortar production plant, this will cause the waste of the machine. On the contrary, if you need a lot of tile adhesive in a day but the size of your tile adhesive mortar production line is small, the machine will don’t meet the demand of your projects. Therefore, you should think about it carefully before purchasing, and then choose a suitable tile adhesive mortar manufacturing plant.

According to production output, tile adhesive production line for sale has large type, medium type, and small type. According to its automatic degree of a control system, there are fully automatic type and semi-automatic type. In general, medium and large size of tile adhesive dry mortar production line is equipped with a fully automatic control system because they have high productivity. The small or even mini-type tile adhesive production plant is equipped with semi-automatic control system.

For the number of workers, the small type of tile adhesive mixing plant usually just needs two or three people. Medium type plant needs four to six people to operate the whole producing process. Because the complex structure and high working efficiency, the large size of tile adhesive making manufacturing plant machine need more than six people to control it.

A Complete Tile Adhesive Production Line
A Complete Tile Adhesive Production Line

Components Of Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

1. Accurate weighing system. It is mainly composed of a screw conveyor, sealed butterfly valve, digital sensor, and weighing bucket. An accurate weighing system will improve the accuracy of measurement and production quality.

2. High-quality mixer machine. It has the features of high mixing efficiency and short mixing time. The unique design of the discharging door and blade plate makes the mixer reliable and stable, and has a longer service life.

3. High efficient dust collection system. Our dust collection system is with the characteristics of a tight seal, high dust removal efficiency, stable performance, and easy cleaning.

4. Reliable drying drum. Compared with traditional design, it can save more than 40% thermal efficiency. Its drying result is nice and the water content after drying is reducing to below 0.5%. Moreover, a perfect sealing system avoids thermal energy losing.

5. Stable transportation equipment. Transportation equipment includes a belt conveyor and bucket elevator. They are crucial for the whole full automatic tile adhesive manufacturing plant.

6. Intelligent control system. An advanced control system will save the labor resource and reduce the labor intensity. In addition, this will can improve the working efficiency of the machine.

Application Of Tile Adhesive Production Line
Application Of Tile Adhesive Production Line

Maximize The Production Capacity Of Tile Adhesive Making Machine

When you invest in an automatic tile adhesive mortar production plant, you must want to get the profit from it. So how to maximize your benefits? This most important thing is to improve the production capacity of an adhesive dry mortar production line. Here are some useful tips for you.

First of all, choose the most suitable components. Although the parts of the adhesive mortar production line are mostly the same, the requirement of customers from different countries for machines is slightly different. Consult us and we can recommend you the right model depending on your actual condition. This will maximize the use of your adhesive mortar dry mix manufacturing plant.

Next, adopt an advanced control system. Higher automatic degree of tile adhesive production line can not only improve the quality of finished tile adhesive, but also shorten the working period. Therefore, if your investment funds allow, choose a higher automatic degree machine.

Then, purchase good raw materials. When you buy raw materials, you should inspect the quality of raw materials. Only raw materials is good, the tile adhesive making machine can produce efficiently.

Finally, the operator shall use the tile adhesive manufacturing plant for sale in strict accordance with the instruction. Our engineers will help you train your operator until they can use the machine correctly and safely. Only right operation can maximize its production capacity.

Acceptable Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant Cost

Since we exported our tile adhesive mortar production line, it has served many countries, such as Pakistan, Iran, Peru, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Russia, etc. Our tile adhesive mortar manufacturing plant can win a good reputation from our customer’s bot only because of its good quality, but also its favorable and acceptable price.

As a professional tile adhesive machine manufacturers, our Aimix Group has over 35 years of production experience. Our principle we have always adhered to is that satisfy our customers. So even after clients buy our machine, we also have kept a good relationship with our customers. You can learn about our company on the Internet or some of your friends. Choose our company, our sales team will try their best to help you whether in pre-sale or after-sale. You can get a reasonable quotation from the tile adhesive manufacturing plant, and then they will also teach you how to reduce the maintenance and repairment cost.

Some Common Questions About Our Machine

Question one: What are the advantages of tile adhesive production line?

Answer: Tile adhesive production line has the advantages of reasonable configuration, compact structure, convenient operation, simple maintenance, low investment cost, a wide range of application and so on.

Question two: How about the profit of tile adhesive making machine?

Answer: As the application of tile adhesive becomes more and more widely, as long as you can produce high-quality tile adhesive for customers, you get a quick return after buying the machine.

Question three: Where can you look for a tile adhesive manufacturing plant manufacturer?

Answer: You can look for the manufacturer information on Internet, local supplier or recommendations by other people.

Of course, if you still have any confusion about the tile adhesive production line for sale, welcome to consult us now! You will get a satisfactory answer!

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