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Our company’s best-selling concrete pump mainly has two models: ABT series concrete trailer pump and ABJZ series concrete mixer pump.

ABT series trailer concrete pump is applicable on fine stone concrete conveying, tunnel and underground construction, mortar conveying, floor heating construction, used as spray pump when installed with incidental spraying equipment, for concrete, mortar, refractory material, and green soil spraying, applied for high-rise conveying, railway, tunnel, bridge construction, and special applications, hydraulic power, mining, and national defense .etc.

The ABJZ series concrete mixer pump combines the traditional trailer concrete pump and concrete mixer together. The S valve of the concrete mixer with pump is cast into shape with austenitic manganese steel which has a long service life. The diesel concrete mixer pump made a change on power compared with electric type, Mixing and pumping into one, simple to operate, easy to move, flexible, and stable performance. Overall reliability ensures pump strive foolproof work under harsh conditions, and especially suitable for areas where there is short of power.

How does the ABJZ series concrete mixer with pump work?

How to operate a trailer concrete pump? How to clean?

Preparation phase:

Start the engine, after 3-5minutes idle running, turn on the button of pumping, entering to the pump working condition.

Before pump concrete, need to lubricate the pipes:

First, pump water: pump one or two hopper water in order to humidify the pipe.

Second, pump mortar: pump 1:2 ratio mortar, to make the whole conveying pipes get lubricated and then can pumping concrete.

NOTE: Don’t let mortar totally pumping out, the mortar should keep above the line of mixing axle. After concrete added into the hopper, then pumping together.

Third, pump concrete:

when the mortar oddments is above the mixing axle, add the concrete and start pumping.

NOTE: The concrete in the hopper should always keep above the line of mixing axle. Don’t empty the pump.

Cleaning the concrete pump:

After pumping, first, open the hopper door and release the remaining material in the hopper.

Second, close the hopper door, and use water to clean the hopper and pipes. Put the two water-soaked cleaning balls into the taper pipe, put water into the hopper to deliver by pump, until the cleaning ball take out from the end of the pipe.

Note: when the pump distance is too long or too high, suggest to pump mortar first, then pump water to clean pipes, present blocking due to aggregate segregation when washing.

Select A Suitable Concrete Mixer With Pump For Your Projects

When you plan to purchase a concrete mixer pump for sale, your greatest concern is how to select the correct concrete pump machine for your own projects. Here is some advice for you. I hope this is helpful to you.

First of all, you should know what driven engine you need. The driven engine includes diesel engines and electric engines. Electric engine concrete mixer with pump for sale is certainly suitable for these areas where there is plenty of electricity. On the contrary, the diesel engine concrete mixers with pumps are especially suitable for areas where there is short of power. So choose one driven engine according to your location area.

Then, consider the type of concrete mixer with pump for sale. If you need to mix and transport a lot of concrete in one hour or one day, you can consider our drum mix concrete pump for sale. If you need concrete with higher quality, our forced mix concrete pump is the right choice for you.

At last, you need to know how much concrete you need to convey in one hour. Different models of concrete mixer machine with pump has a different capacity. For example, the theoretical output of our ABJZ40C concrete pump is 40m3/h while the output of the ABJZ30C mixer pump is 30m3/h. So you need to ensure how much concrete you need in one hour according to the demand of your engineering.

After reading these tips, if you still have any confusion, leave your message to consult us at any time.

Why Should You Choose Aimix Trailer Concrete Pump For Sale?

Different concrete trailer pump manufacturer can produce different quality of pump trailer. Aimix concrete trailer pump has our own advantages. Let’s introduce to you in detail.

1. Adopt double pump and double loop open hydraulic system. The main pumping oil circuit and S valve swing oil circuit are independent of each other, which makes the system become simpler and has higher reliability. It is easier to judge and eliminate the machine’s fault.

2. Concrete trailer pump for sale has the function of the reverse pump, which is helpful to remove the blockage in time and can stop the machine for short time.

3. The advanced S valve can automatically compensate for the wear clearance, with the characteristics of good sealing performance and high conveying pressure.

4. Equipped with wear-resistant alloy glasses plate and floating cutting ring, trailer-mounted concrete pumps for sale have a longer service life.

5. Automatic centralized lubrication system ensures effective lubrication during machine operation.

6. With a remote control system, the operation is more convenient and safer.

7. All spare parts adopt internationally renowned brands. You can buy from the local area:

  • Hydraulic hose: Italy MRI
  • Seal: USA Parker
  • Electronic components: Schneider
  • Stroke switch: Germany
  • Relay: OMRON
  • Pressure gauge: Germany
  • Button : Schneider
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