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The mini batching plant has a smaller occupation area and lower price compared with other types of concrete batching plant for sale. Mini concrete batching plant for sale is a modern concrete plant. In order to meet the requirements of small-size projects and private engineering, the mini concrete batching plant appears on the market.

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Mini Mobile Batching Plant

Mini Small Batching Plant

Mini Portable Concrete Plant

Mini batch mix plant for sale covers smaller areas. Even if your construction project is not spacious, mini concrete batching plant for sale also can be installed and work normally. Mini concrete batching plant for sale doesn’t need too much investment capital, so even if you are in the early stage of investment or you don’t have too much money, for the time being, investing a mini concrete batching plant for sale is good for you. Mini concrete plant includes mini stationary concrete plant and mini mobile concrete plant that you can select.

How To Get An Suitable Model Of Mini Concrete Batch Plant For Sale

Selecting a suitable type and model of mini concrete plant for sale is very important when you plan to purchase a mini concrete batch plant. Our Aimix mini concrete batching plant for sale includes the stationary type and mobile type. AJ series is a stationary-type mini concrete plant. AJY series is a mobile-type mini concrete batch plant. Here is some advice for you.
Think About The Type – Stationary Type Or Mobile Type.

Think About The Type – Stationary Type Or Mobile Type

The difference between stationary type mini plant and mobile type mini plant is whether there is a chassis. When you need to disassemble every part from stationary mini batch mix plant, then transport it by other truck. When you need to install a stationary mini batching plant, you need to lay the foundations in advance. Therefore, if you need a machine that doesn’t need to be moved frequently, stationary mini concrete batching plant for sale is an ideal choice for you.

Mini mobile concrete batching plant for sale integrates its main parts as a whole. It can be moved by trailer because it has the chassis. It just takes few hours from disassembly to installation of mobile mini batch mix plant for sale because you just need to lay the foundation for the cement silo of mobile mini batch plant for sale. Therefore, if you need to transfer the mini concrete batch plant for sale frequently, you can consider purchasing a mini mobile batching plant for sale.

Think About The Production Capacity

AJ series of stationary mini concrete batching plant for sale includes AJ-25 and AJ-35. AJY series of mobile mini concrete batch plant includes AJY-25 and AJY-35. The theoretical productivity of AJ-25 and AJY-25 mini concrete batch mix plant for sale are 25m3/h. The theoretical productivity of AJ-35 and AJY-35 mini concrete batch plant for sale are 35m3/h. Firstly, you should know how much concrete you need to produce one year or one day. Then you can calculate your demand for concrete.

Think About The Automatic Degree

The automatic degree of mini concrete batch plant mainly depends on its control system. Our Aimix control system of mini concrete batch plant can be divided into fully automatic type and semi automatic type. You can choose according to your needs. Fully automatic type mini concrete batching plant price is slightly higher than semi-automatic type mini mobile batching plant price.

Deliver Our Mini Concrete Batch Plant To All Over The World

Accumulated with over 10 years of exportation experience, our Aimix Group has our own production team, sales team, transportation team, and service team. As our hot sale product, mini concrete batch mix plant for sale has been exported to over 60 countries, such as the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Russia, South Africa, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Uganda, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam and so on. Our mini concrete batch plant for sale serves different customers from all over the world. At the same time, our customers speak highly of our machine due to its high mixing quality, easy operation, high working efficiency, and stable performance. There are some pictures about delivering a mini concrete batch mix plant for sale.

At present, we set up our branch office in different countries in order to sever our customers better, including the Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Sri Lanka. I believe that in the future, we will set up more branch offices in other countries. This branch office is actually a Local Based Service Center. Our salesman and engineers will work there for the long period. So our salesman can visit your construction site and help you choose a more suitable model of machine. And our engineers will help you solve your problem as soon as possible. You can learn more details about our products.

Advantages Of Mini Concrete Batch Plant For Sale

1. Mini portable concrete batch plant for sale has a compact structure, which is more convenient to disassemble and install. It can be moved with the construction projects.

2. Adopt a good mixer machine, which has high mixing quality and high production capacity. It can meet the requirement of continuous production.

3. Adopt internationally famous brand of components, which can greatly improve its capability and reduce its failure rate.

4. Small occupation areas can reduce your construction area and save your mini batching plant price.

5. Quick feeding and discharging can shorten the production period.

6. Less pollution and low noise. Adopt new cloth-sack-type dust removal and improve noise control measures.

Complete After-Sale Service – From Aimix Group

Our Aimix Group has a professional after-sale service. Our after-sale service team consists of our engineers and salesmen. Whatever problems you meet, you can ask for help from them. At present, we have set several Location-Based Service Center in different countries, including the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Russia, Uzbekistan, etc. Our salesman will guide your problems by email or phone. If the problem doesn’t be solved, we will send the engineers nearest to you to help you. The service that they can provide you is as follows.

Installation And Debugging

Our engineers can guide our clients to install and debug the mini batching plant for sale after you purchase our product. So you don’t worry you don’t know how to install the equipment.

Operator Training

Before operating the mini batching plant for sale, you need to train the operator firstly. Our engineers will help you solve this problem. They will train your operator until they can use the machine safely and correctly.

Maintenance And Repairment

After a period of using the mini concrete batch plant for sale, when there is something wrong with the machine, you need to change some parts or repair it, you all consult our salesman.

Regularly Visit

Our engineers and salesmen visit our clients regularly, at least four times one year. They will listen to the opinion of our customers whether about our mini concrete batch plant for sale or about our service. We will correct our shortcomings in time in order to serve you better.

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