Brick Making Machine

What is brick making machine?

What is brick making machine – introduction video

The brick making machine is a new type of brick-making equipment that adopts a PLC control system and can automatically produce bricks. In general, bricks making machine uses many disused materials as its raw materials, such as cement, fly ash, little stone, sand, slag, and so on, adds coagulant and other additives in a certain proportion, and then presses into shape.

Compared with traditional brick and block making machine, the modern bricks making machine is the burning-free brick machine, which is more environmentally friendly. So the customers who plan to buy brick machines become more and more in recent years. If you want to buy a brick machine, please read the following article carefully to pick up a suitable machine.

Different Types Of Brick Making Machine

According to the degree of its automation, brick manufacturing machines can be divided into the fully automatic type and semi-automatic type electric brick maker machine. A fully automatic brick manufacturing machine is controlled by PLC, which makes the operation become more accurate and safer.

According to the different finished bricks, hollow bricks, solid bricks, porous bricks, pavement bricks, interlocking bricks, grass planting, ring tree bricks, slope protection bricks, special-shaped bricks, etc.

According to its output, there are three different models, namely, small model, medium model, and large model brick and block machine. The production capacity of different models bricks making machine is different. You can choose an appropriate model matching your project.

According to the degree of its automation, brick manufacturing machines can be divided into the fully automatic type and semi-automatic type.

Structure and system of the brick machine

It includes concrete mixer, cement silos, cement screw, cement scale, batching machine, block machine, hydraulic station, conveyor, pallet transfer system, block sweeper, PLC controller, block mould and stacking machine.

The process flow of the brick making machine production line includes:

Batching→mixing→conveying & feeding→brick making→palletizing→transportation and maintenance


The batching stage is mainly completed by the batching machine and cement silo.
The batching machine is controlled by the PLC computer system and automatically completes the batching according to the formula.
The common model is PLD800 or PLD1200. The cement silo is mainly used to store cement, the capacity is usually 50-100 tons.

2. Mixing

After the weighing is completed, the raw material(aggregates, cement, and water) is conveyed to the mixer through a screw conveyor, belt, or hopper,
and then begins to mixing continuously.
The concrete mixer usually adopts JS twin-shaft series or JN series Planetary series.

3. Conveying and feeding

The mixed materials are transported to the hopper with a belt of 6-8 meters long, and then the material distributor will evenly distribute the materials into the mold.

4.Brick molding

After the material distribution is completed, the system hydraulic drive and vibration pressure.
The hot models of the brick molding machine are ABM4S /ABM6S / ABM8S.
Changing different molds can produce different types of bricks, such as hollow bricks, solid bricks, interlocking bricks, etc.

5. Palletizing

After the brick making is completed, the brick making machine sends out the pallet carrying the bricks.
The automatic palletizer can stack the pallet carrying the bricks up to 10 layers.
According to the engineering quantity, single-plate or double-plate palletizers are usually used.

6. Transportation and maintenance

Finally, the finished bricks are transported by forklift to the finished product yard for drying and maintenance.

The AIMIX brick-making machine production line is a fully automatic production line integrating machine, electricity, and hydraulics.

The whole line can be controlled manually, semi-automatically, and fully automatically, which can meet the different brick-making needs of every customer.

Application of brick machine

Brick machines are widely used in construction, gardening, greening, urban construction and other projects.
As the bricks making machine becoming more and more popular, there is a lot of different quality brick block machine appearing in the market. For the clients who plan to invest bricks making machine, they all want to pick up a high-quality bricks machine. So how should they distinguish the different quality of brick manufacturing machines? There are some tips for you. A good brick machine needs the following characteristics.

Advantages of brick machine

High degree of automation, simple operation, large pressing force, high output, and long service life.

The automatic control system of our QT series brick making machine makes the operation more simple and safer, which greatly improve the accuracy and reduce errors. What’s more, the automatic machine reduces labor intensity and promotes working efficiency, which can meet your production needs.

Large transmission force, stable operation, accurate in place, and low maintenance rate.

Our machine has the feature of stable performance and low failure rate, which can greatly avoid the repairment problem and reduce your repairment cost. Of course, our engineers will teach you some routine maintenance methods.

Its finished blocks have high strength, good durability, standard size, complete shape, and uniform color.

Make Different Shapes And Different Sizes Of Bricks

With the development of the construction industry, people have new requirements on the shape and size of bricks. Our Aimix Group has been keeping the technological innovation on the brick making machine, so our brick making plant can produce various of bricks, which totally meets the different aesthetic requirements of people. Our modern brick making machine can produce a solid block, hollow block, interlocking block, cement blocks, and so on. Bricks that are manufactured by brick making equipment can be used for paving the roads, communities, buildings, and so on.

Environmental Protection

On the one hand, our new brick manufacturing plant adopts the waste materials as its raw materials, such as crushed stone, dust and coal ash, wet ash in power plants, boiler slag, mine tailings, carbide slag, and so on. This can reduce the development of resources and improve environmental protection. On the other hand, waste bricks can also be recycled and reused, which increases the comprehensive utilization rate of resources and greatly saves energy.

Compact Structure

Our brick manufacturing machine has a novel appearance design and compact structure, which can reduce the occupation area of the machine. This can decrease your investment cost.
Therefore, if you need a china brick machine, and you’d like to find a good brick making machine manufacturer, welcome to contact us now. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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