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Introduction of Self-loading concrete mixer truck – AIMIX Group

Video Description of Self-loading concrete mixer truck:

Self-loading concrete mixer for sale is a new type of concrete mixer machine. It can automatically feed, move, mix, and discharge the concrete. Compared with a traditional concrete mixer machine, self loading concrete mixer greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces the working period.

Our self-loading mixers working in different countries:

The whole working process of self loading concrete mixers just takes ten to fifteen minutes from feeding to discharging. Aimix self loading concrete mixer for sale is used for the construction of irrigation, roads, buildings, factories, urban infrastructure, power, railways, and so on.

The 4-wheel drive self-loading mixer running test

The 4-wheel drive self-loading mixer is running test at the factory and will be sent to Armenia

Introduction of self-loading concrete mixer truck in our factory

Today, Shania from our company will make a brief introduction of Aimix hot sale products— self-loading concrete mixer truck.

As you can see, behinds me, we have different models for different capacity.

Self-loading concrete mixer truck in our factory

From smallest 1.2cbm to maximum 6.5cbm.

Ok, let’s see details .as you can see, this one is our AS-5.5 CBM per batch.

This one is an integral type, it’s very strong and safe.

The next one, this is our AS-4.0CBM, It’s also an integral type.

This one is our most popular model AS-3.5CBM, For the AS-3.5, We have 3 types for AS-3.5A, AS-3.5B, AS-3.5C, You can choose a suitable model according to your project.

We also have AS-2.6, AS-1.8, and the smallest AS-1.2.

This machine can automatically produce and transport concrete on’s much more convenient.

With the function of self-loading, weighing, mixing, discharging, and transportation, very convenient.

This machine has high working efficiency and easy to operate, just need one person will be okay.

So, it’s much more convenient for various construction projects.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Hot Sale All Over the World – AIMIX Group

If you are interested in any of them, pls feel free to contact us .our company contact information will on the screen. We looking forward to cooperating with your company.

How To Install A Self-loading Concrete Mixer?

Different Types Of Self-Loading Mixers With Different Capacities You Can Choose:

As the new modern type of mixer machine, self-loading concrete mixers for sale is popular with customers. You can easily drive the machine from one construction site to another. Even if in some rough terrains, our self loading cement mixer for sale can run smoothly. Moreover, the maximum climbing power of self-loading concrete mixer for sale is 30 degrees. And its fastest speed can reach 20km per hour. Models of self loading mixer concrete includes 1.2cub, 1.8cub, 2.6cub, 3.2cub, 4.0cub, 5.5cub, 6.5cub etc. Different models have the different discharging capacities. If you want to pick up a suitable model machine, you need to know how much concrete you need in one hour.

How to operate a Self-loading mixer? Operation Steps

Because of its unique advantages, our self loading mixer for sale has been exported to many different countries, such as the Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Fiji, Australia, USA, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Kenya, etc. After a period of using our machine, our salesman pays a visit to these customers. They speak highly of our machines. A good self-loading concrete mixer for sale can not only save your purchasing cost but also reduce the maintenance and repair cost.

Benefits Of Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale

1. Strong adaptability. Adopting a four-wheel driven and diesel engine from Germany DEUTZ, self loading concrete mixer with pump has strong enduring and adaptability. It also can work even if in a variety of harsh working conditions.

2. A tractor serves several purposes. One set of self loading concrete mixers can replace the generator, lorry, loader, and mixer. This will greatly save your purchasing cost. You just need one set of self concrete mixer to achieve these functions.

3. Automatic feeding system. Equipped with a unique hinged hydraulic shovel, self loading concrete mixer for sale can easily and accurately load the materials. And the built-in blade of the bucket can automatically cut the cement bag to avoid waste of raw materials. All ingredients can be smoothly and quickly into the mixing cylinder from the bucket. These designs will make the feeding speed faster and the feeding precision more accurate.

4. Automatic mixing system. When the aggregate and cement are transferred into the mixing cylinder, they are being mixed together with water. After feeding, the operator can drive the self loading concrete mixer to a construction site. The process of mixing can be finished by running. This can greatly save time.

5. Automatic unloading system. Equipped with a mixing drum that can rotate 270 degrees, it is more convenient to unload the finished concrete. The operator just needs to pull the operating lever. It makes the operation simpler and safer.

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