Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile concrete batching plant for sale can more easily move from one construction site to another compared with other types of concrete batching plants. That is because a mobile concrete batching plant for sale integrates its main components as a whole. The mobile concrete batch plant for sale is towed by a trailer, so when you need to transfer the machine, you just need to operate the trailer chassis, which is convenient. When you have a short period of construction engineering and you have to move your concrete batch mix plant continually, mobile concrete mixing plant for sale is a fitting choice for you. Usually, a mobile concrete batch mix plant for sale is used for road construction, bridge construction, port project, highway construction, and so on.

Components Of Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant For Sale

Mobile concrete batch plant for sale mainly consists of five systems, including materials weighing system, material conveying system, materials storage system, mixing system and control system.

1. Materials weighing system

Materials weighing system includes aggregate weighing, powder weighing, water weighing, and additive weighing. The different material is weighed in their own weighing machine then is transported to the mixer machine.

2. Materials conveying system

A materials conveying system is used to convey the weighed materials to the mixer machine. It includes a belt conveyor and a screw conveyor.

3. Materials storage system

Materials storage system mainly refers to the cement silo. A cement silo can store the cement and powder. Our cement silo can be divided into welded type, bolted type, and horizontal type. It also has different models, such as 30t, 50t, 100t, 150t, 200t, 300t, etc. You can choose according to your real demand.

4. Mixing system

Our Aimix mixing system of mobile plant concrete is JS series twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer machine. It is with characteristics of accurate weighing, high productivity, good mixing quality, and stable performance, etc.

5. Control system

We adopt full automatic control and semi-automatic control system, the operator can control the whole working process periodically and quantitatively.

Check The Specification Of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Our mobile concrete plant for sale includes AJY-25, AJY-35, AJY-50, and AJY-75, etc. The mobile concrete batching plant for sale includes the fully automatic type and semi-automatic type. The difference between these two types is the control system. Every model of mobile mixing plant can be produced either fully automatic type or semi-automatic type according to the customer’s requirement.

A fully automatic type mobile batching plant for sale can finish the operation as long as you press the operating button. For example, when the powder is going to be conveyed to the mixer machine, you just press the button, the powder will be conveyed by the screw conveyor to the weighing system and after weighing, it is transferred to the mixer machine. The semi-automatic type mobile concrete batch mix plant for sale is different. You need to press the button before every time you want to operate the mobile concrete batching plant for sale.

Get An Affordable Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Price – From Aimix Group

As a trustworthy mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer in China, our Aimix Group can not only provide you with a satisfied mobile concrete batch plant for sale but also an affordable mobile concrete mixing plant price. Why is the price of our mobile concrete batching plant for sale more affordable? We can do better in the following aspects compared with other mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers.

Have Our Own Factory And No Agent

As we all know, if you purchase something from an agent, maybe you can get a higher price because the agent will raise the mobile batching plant price to make money. So looking for a credible mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer is important. Since our company was founded, we have been striving to found our factory. With many years of production experience, our factory has become more and more perfect. We have been innovating our technologies to produce better mobile concrete batch plants for sale. If you choose our company, you can visit our workshop before you purchase our mobile concrete batching plant for sale. Our salesman will accompany all the time and solve your problems.

Help You Get A Suitable Model

Mobile concrete mixing plants for sale have different models, including AJY-25, AJY-35, AJY-50, AJY-75, etc. If you don’t know more about the mobile concrete batching plant for sale, maybe you can’t pick up a fitting model. Whether the model you choose is too big or too small, it is bad for you. A suitable model of mobile concrete batching plant for sale not only can meet your demand, but also save your investment cost. Our salesman has rich sales experience. They communicate with various of customers and they learn the needs of different projects. Therefore, you just need to tell them your requirements, they will give you professional advice to pick up the most suitable model of mobile batch plant concrete for sale.

Suitable Transportation Route And Installation Service

Our customers all come from all over the world, so it is important for them how to deliver the mobile batching plant to their countries. We have railway transportation and sea transportation that you can select. Our salesman will arrange a suitable transportation mode and route for you according to your geographical location. When the mobile concrete batching plant for sale arrives in your country, our engineer will also arrive there. They will guide you to install and debug the mobile cement plant. This can reduce your transportation fees and installation cost.

Maintenance And Repairment Service

Right maintenance methods can reduce the failure rate of mobile concrete batching plant for sale and prolong its service life, which can reduce your maintenance fees. You can learn some useful maintenance methods from our engineers. In addition, our engineers and salesman will visit our customers regularly, at least four times one year. By doing this, we want to inspect the condition of our concrete batching plant mobile for sale regularly and listen to the feedback of our customers. We will keep improving our mobile concrete batching plant for sale.

With rich exportation experience, our Aimix Group has exported our mobile concrete batching plant for sale to over 60 countries, including the Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sr Lanka, Uzbekistan, Fiji, Kenya, Australia, South Africa, Vietnam, Russia, etc. Therefore, when you plan to invest a mobile concrete batching plant, welcome to contact us!

Product Demand Survey
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    • Concrete pump ( With mixer or only the trailer)  ( diesel type, electric type);
    • Self loading concrete mixer ( 1.2m3,1.8m3, 2.6m3, 3.5m3, 4.0m3, 5.5m3, 6.5m3);
    • Block making machine ( Shapes, sizes, quantities);
    • Asphalt plant ( Stationary type, mobile type / Batch plant, Drum Plant);
    • Crusher plant ( Stationary type, mobile type);
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  • Voltage is? 220V, 380V, 415V, 440V, Other?
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