Self-loading Mixer Operation Steps

Self-loading Mixer Operation Steps

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After starting the engine

  1. Check if the oil pressure, air pressure, voltage, and omnidirectional image are normal.
  2. Adjust the water adding system, according to the needed water volume of them
  3. Big black handle forward: Put down the shovel arm
  4. Big black handle Swing left and right: Bucket adjustment
  5. Big black handle Backward: Lifting the shovel arm
  6. Black 1 handle towards the left: The mixing tank rotates outward
  7. Black 1 handle towards the right: The mixing tank rotates inward
  8. Black 2 handle swing left and right: Control hopper inlet
  9. Black 3 handle towards the right: Lifting the mixing tank
  10. Black 3 handle towards the left: Get down the mixing tank
  11. Red handle swing left and right: Rotating the mixing tank
  12. Black handlle: Control handbrake

Gear shifting

  1. Right 1: Drive–forward reverse–backward middle–neutral
  2. Left 1: Drive–low-speed reverse–high-speed middle–neutral
  3. Right foot step on: accelerator
  4. Left foot step on: brake

Open the front windshield

Pull the lateral lever to close the door

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