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The portable concrete plant for sale mainly consists of a weighing system, storage system, transportation system, mixing system, and control system. Different from other types of concrete batching plants, portable concrete batch plants are easier to transport because their main components are installed in the trailer.

Portable Drum Concrete Plant – Factory testing before ship to chile

Its working principle is that it takes cement as the cementing material, then mixes various raw materials like water, sand, little stone, and fly ash, finally makes into the concrete. If you are interested in a portable batch plant for sale or have any confusion, welcome to contact us!

How to use our portable batch plant to produce high-quality finished concrete?

Whether you buy this machine for your own projects or selling the concrete, the quality of concrete produced by a portable concrete batch plant for sale is important. The quality of finished concrete can directly affect the quality of the whole construction project. In order to produce high-quality concrete, you should learn the factors that can affect the quality of concrete.

On the one hand, is the quality of the mixer machine. As we all know, the mixer machine is the most important part of a portable concrete batch plant. The function of the mixer machine is mainly to mix all the raw materials. So the quality of the mixer machine will directly influence the mixing quality. Our Aimix portable concrete batch plants adopt twin-shaft compulsory mixer machines. This type of mixer adopts a compulsory mixing way, which can produce higher quality concrete. Moreover, our twin-shaft compulsory mixer uses advanced shaft-end seal technology, which greatly improves the working performance of portable concrete batch plants for sale.

On the other hand, is the quality of raw materials. The main raw materials of portable concrete mixing plants include sand, little stone, fly ash, cement, etc. Cement accounts for a large proportion of all raw materials. So the quality of cement will influence the quality of finished concrete. When you purchase cement, you should buy that good quality of cement.

To sum up, when you purchase portable concrete mixer batching plants, you should distinguish the quality of different machines.

How to reduce the production cost of portable concrete batch plants?

The cost of a portable concrete batch plant is one of the aspects that many customers are concerned about. Every customer wants to get a portable concrete batch plant for sale at the most reasonable price. And they also want to get the maximum benefits from the portable cement batch plant. Here are some suggestions about how to reduce the production cost of portable concrete plants.

First of all, control the production process. You should reduce the rate of waste production. All operators should pay more attention to the quality of finished concrete. And they should strictly follow the pre-set ratio to produce concrete and ensure the accuracy of the electronic weighing system. Aimix portable concrete batch plant for sale has the advantages of making full use of the raw materials. To some extent, this can save your production cost.

Then, perform the daily maintenance work. Daily maintenance is important for this construction machinery. Right maintenance methods can not only reduce the failure rate of the portable batching plant but also increase their service life. Moreover, the operator should learn the right operation rules. The incorrect operation will accelerate the wear of portable cement plants.

Last but not least, control other costs. You also can reduce the production cost from other aspects, such as, the use of water and electricity, the arrangement of transportation truck, the labors and so on.

Daily maintenance of portable concrete batch plant:

Now that you know the importance of daily maintenance of the portable concrete plants for sale, here are some useful tips for you.

1, For the maintenance, keeping the cleanness of portable concrete batch plant is the most important;

2, Aggregate supply system needs to check and replenish the lubricating oil at the bearing of each rotating part after a period of use;

3, If the mixing system is not used for a long time, the cement in the screw conveyor needs to be emptied;

4, The inlet of the power supply system and the outlet of the screw conveyor must be cleaned thoroughly once a week. Doing this is to prevent hardened blocks and debris from clogging the pipes and causing the machine to malfunction;

5, Check whether the linkage bar and sensor are normal and whether the weighing system is accurate. Adjust the metering transmission rod in time to avoid a metering error.

Once you meet some trouble about the portable concrete batch plant for sale that you cannot solve, you can contact us in time. The right maintenance and repair methods will save your maintenance costs.

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