Automatic Brick Making Machine

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The automatic brick making machine is controlled by a PLC control system, which is more convenient to operate compared with other types of brick making machines. In order to save labor and cost, more and more customers are willing to invest in the automatic brick machine. Our automatic block making machine takes the sand, dust, and fly coal ash, dry slag, mine tailings, cinder, etc as its raw materials. This not only achieves waste utilization but also protects the environment well. Therefore, automatic brick manufacturing machine becomes more and more popular in recent years. When you want to invest in a brick making machine, maybe you can consider purchasing the automatic brick manufacturing machine. Our Aimix Group has ABM series automatic brick making machine for your selection. Its models include ABM-3S, ABM-4S, ABM-6S, ABM-8S, ABM-10S, and ABM-12S.

The Process Flow Of The Automatic Brick Making Machine Production Line Working Video

Fully Automatic Type VS Semi-Automatic Type

According to its automatic degree, automatic brick manufacturing machine can be divided into fully automatic block making machine and semi-automatic bricks making machine. These two types of brick making machines have their own features. You can pick up a suitable type according to the difference between them.

Different Control System

A fully automatic brick making machine is controlled by a PLC control system, which makes the operation simpler and safer. It only takes several workers to operate this machine completely, which can greatly save labor and cost. The semi-automatic block making machine is controlled by an operator. When the operator presses the corresponding button, the machine can responds accordingly.

Different Production Capacity

Because of the different control system, fully automatic brick machine and semi-automatic type brick machine have different production capacity. Controlled by a PLC panel, a fully automatic type brick making machine can produce bricks automatically, so the output of a fully automatic type brick plant is higher than semi-automatic bricks making machine in china.

Different Investment Capital

Due to the more advanced configuration, a fully automatic block making machine price is slightly higher than semi-automatic brick making machine price.

Before you purchase, you should learn the difference between a fully automatic type and semi-automatic type bricks making machine. Then you can choose a suitable type according to the needs of your construction projects.

If you want to set a complete production line, besides an automatic brick block making machine, you also need another machine, such as a concrete batching machine, cement silo, molds, twin shaft concrete mixer, etc. Aimix Group construction machinery manufacturer not only produces automatic brick block making machines but also other construction machinery. If you have any other needs, we can also try our best to help you.

All in all, if you plan to invest in an automatic brick making machine, you can consider choosing our company. Looking forward to your message!