Concrete Batching Plant

What Is Concrete Batching Plant?

The concrete batching plant can produce all kinds of concrete, such as dry hand concrete, semi-dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluidity concrete, etc, which belongs to a kind of construction machinery.

As a concrete batch plant china manufacturer with rich production experience, our Aimix Group produces different types of concrete batching and mixing plants that you can pick up, including stationary concrete batch mix plant, ready mix concrete plant for sale, mini concrete batch plant for sale, mobile concrete batch plant for sale, small concrete batch plant for sale and so on. Different types of concrete mixing plants have their own characteristics and advantages and they can be used for different types of construction projects. You can learn these concrete mixing plants firstly when you plan to buy a concrete batch mix plant. Then you can clearly know select one for your own engineering.

How many types of concrete batching plant?

Usually, concrete batch mix plant includes two types, stationary type and mobile type. Let’s introduce their information for yo in detail.

AJ Series Concrete Batching Plant – Stationary Type

AJ series concrete batching and mixing plant is representative of stationary type concrete plant. Stationary concrete batch plants include skip hoist type concrete batch plant and belt conveyor type concrete batch plant. Let’s take the AJ-50 concrete batch plant and AJ-60 cement mixing plant as an example.

AJ-50 – skip hoist type:

1. AJ-50 skip hoist type cement concrete batching plant conveys the weighed aggregates by the hopper. And it can transport the aggregates directly to the mixer machine, which can improve the working efficiency.

2. AJ-50 concrete mixing plant covers a small area, which can reduce your fees for a construction site. Even if in an area that is not spacious, it can work normally.

3. AJ-50 cement mixing plant has a simple structure, which is more convenient to maintain and repair.

4. Compared with different models of batching plant equipment, the AJ-50 skip hoist type stationary batching plant machine has small investment capital. If you are in the early stage of investment, a skip hoist type concrete batch plant is a suitable choice for you.

5. AJ-50 skip hoist concrete plant is mainly used for the construction of buildings, roads, ports, bridges, expressways,s and so on.

AJ-60 – belt conveyor type:

1. AJ-60 belt conveyor type concrete mixing plant conveys the aggregates by the belt. And it transfers the materials to the waiting hopper.

2. The belt of the AJ-60 cement concrete plant is sealed wholly, which can reduce the pollution of the material to the air and greatly protect the environment. Meanwhile, in a sealed environment, it can improve the accuracy of weighed aggregate and the quality of mixed concrete.

3. The way of belt conveying can achieve continuous transportation of the equipment, which can shorten the whole construction period and improve production output.

4. AJ-60 concrete plant is more suitable to produce commercial concrete because the quality of commercial concrete is high. So if you need to produce the concrete to sell, belt type concrete batching plant is an ideal choice for you.

AJY Series Concrete Batching Plant – Mobile Type

Different from the AJY series concrete batch mix plant, AJY series mobile concrete plants gather its main components in a chassis. When you need to transport the machine, you just need to move the chassis. It is easier to move the mobile concrete plant from one construction site to another.

1. It just takes several hours for the AJY series concrete manufacturing plant to disassemble and install. This can reduce transportation time and shorten the construction period.

2. AJY series concrete plant equipment has a simple and modular structure, whether installation or operation, it just needs three or five workers to finish this process. This can reduce labor intensity and save the labor cost.

3. AJY series concrete mixing plant has the advantages of flexible movement, simple operation, easy maintenance, easy installation, and stable performance.

4. AJY series concrete batch mix plant usually transport the aggregate by the belt.

Besides the common models of the concrete production plants, of course, we can customize the special model depending on your requirements. Welcome to contact us to learn more information about the concrete mixing plant.

How Does A Concrete Batch Plant Work?

How To Operate Concrete Batching Plant?

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