ABM3S Block Machine Feedback From Comilla, Bangladesh

ABM3S Block Machine Feedback From Comilla, Bangladesh

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This video was filmed in Comilla, Bangladesh. It is a live feedback video that we filmed with the customer after the after-sales repair was completed.

Our equipment reached the construction site in August 2019, and was successfully installed and tested. However, due to the unskilled operation of technicians at that time, many problems were encountered in the process of producing bricks. Our after-sales engineer repaired the equipment in the evening, and it was very late after finishing the work. The customer was very satisfied with our products and services, and took a video with us.

After two months of production testing, the equipment began to operate normally, and the efficiency has been greatly improved. The customer was very happy, and took pictures of the equipment production process at the construction site and sent it to us:

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