How Does A Self loading Concrete Mixer Work? 4 Steps Workflow


How Does A Self loading Concrete Mixer Work? 4 Steps Workflow


Feeding & Raw material weighting



How does a self loading concrete mixer work? The video briefly describes the 4 core steps workflow of self-loading concrete mixer:

  • 1, Transporting process test: before the engine is started or shut down, ensure each control handle is in the middle position, then start the mixer truck.
    After it is started, check whether the instruments on the operator’s platform are normal or not; when the barometer reaches 4 mpa and other instruments get to a normal state, the mixer truck will begin moving by pressing the clutch pedal, shifting into low gear and releasing the air brake.
  • 2, Feeding & Raw material weighting test: push the joystick of mixing drum to the open position to start the mixing; then feed water by opening the quantitative controller of water; open the electric scale controller, then the charge starts; drive the bucket to lift the control handle of arm and lower the arm to the lowest position, then the bucket lays flat and spades the materials, retracts, lifts arm and weighs, then it continues to rise; when the door of bucket aligns with the mouth of a drum, the bucket will open the door and discharge, then close the door after discharge, and so on.
  • 3, Mixing test: when the cumulative weight weighed exceeds the specified weight, the excess will be unloaded through the door, and then the rest will be lifted to the mouth of drum. The above process will continue until the cement, sand and stone reach the specified weight.
  • 4, Discharging test: When the materials are well mixed, the discharge can be carried out in the required position. Connect the extended discharge hopper to the discharge hopper and pull the joystick of mixing drum to the discharge position (the mixing drum rotates reversely). Put the extended discharge hopper away when the discharge is over.
Product Demand Survey
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  • Voltage is? 220V, 380V, 415V, 440V, Other?
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