AJY-35 Mobile Batching Plant Working In Ambon, Indonesia

AJY-35 Mobile Batching Plant Working In Ambon, Indonesia

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This video was shot by our customer at the construction site in Ambon, Indonesia. From the video, you can be seen that the equipment is operating normally.

This machine is mainly used for small power generation projects. The selected concrete batching plant this time is a mobile 35 cub station, which is convenient to move around multiple construction sites at will. One trailer truck can take the entire plant away. Since the machine needs to be shipped to Surabaya for customs clearance first, the customer is not very familiar with this aspect, so we assisted the customer in customs clearance.

Then the equipment was transported from Surabaya to Ambon. When the equipment arrived, it was raining and it had been raining for several days. Therefore, the site was very bad, the road was muddy, and the equipment installation was blocked, but our engineers have been installing the equipment. Debugging, the operating conditions were finally available in August. Customers have given a high evaluation to our engineers and are very grateful for our patient guidance and professional services.

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