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Before you choose an asphalt mix plant manufacturer, you should consider the following aspects: what kind of asphalt mixing plant can they produce? what about the quality of the asphalt mixing plant they produce? How much is the asphalt mixing plant? What about the service of asphalt plant manufacturers? Selecting a trustworthy asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer is vital for choosing a satisfying asphalt mixing plant. You can not only get the suitable asphalt mixing plant, but also affordable price and complete service. Then I will introduce you to our Aimix Group, one of the leading asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers in the world.

Our Asphalt Mixing Plants In Different Countries

ALYJ60 Asphalt Mixing Plant in The Philippines
ALYJ60 Asphalt Mixing Plant in The Philippines

ALQ80 Asphalt Plant in Russia
ALQ80 Asphalt Plant in Russia

ALQ100 Asphalt Plants in Indonesia
ALQ100 Asphalt Plants in Indonesia

Trustworthy Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturers – Aimix Group

If you choose our Aimix Group, from selecting a suitable machine to producing it, from transporting asphalt mixing plant to installing it, we all have a professional corresponding team to serve you. More information about our teams is as follows.

Professional Production Team Provides Good Quality Machine

Aimix Group has our own workshop, which can meet the requirement of producing all kinds of asphalt mixing plants. We have stationary type asphalt plant, mobile type asphalt plant, drum mix type asphalt plant, small size mixing plant, batch mix type asphalt plant, hot mix type asphalt plant, portable type asphalt mixing plant, etc. Every type of asphalt mixing plant has different models that you can choose. We believe that you can select a piece of satisfactory equipment from our many asphalt mixing plants. Whether your engineering is large or small, whether you need to transport the asphalt mixing plant or not, we all can provide you with a suitable type and model.

Of course, we are glad if you want to visit our factory before you purchase our asphalt mixing plant. Our engineers are responsible for keeping technological innovation in order for our asphalt mixing plant can meet our customer’s needs. Our workers are responsible for producing asphalt mixing plant strictly. You can learn how our asphalt mixing plants are produced by visiting our workshop. Actually, visiting their factory is the most direct way to learn about asphalt mixing plant manufacturers.

Sincere Sales Team Provides Consultant Service At Any Time

When you look through the information of our Aimix asphalt batching plant manufacturers, maybe you will click the button of Request A Quota to leave your message. Then our salesman can receive your message. When they receive your message, they will reply to you as soon as possible and help you solve your confusion at any time. Whether you want to know how to choose a suitable machine or you need the quotation of asphalt mixing plant produced by asphalt batching plant manufacturer, they will provide consultation service all the time. Recently, we are going to set up some specific sales teams for specific countries, such as Philippines Team, Uzbekistan Team, Russia Team, Pakistan Team, Sri Lanka Team, and so on. These salesmen know more about these specified countries, which can give their professional advice to our customers.

Excellent Transportation Team Guarantees The Transportation Time

Once you purchase our asphalt mixing plant, we promise that we will deliver the product to you on time avoiding delaying your schedule. Our transportation team will inspect every part of the asphalt mixing plant carefully and debug it before exportation. Up to now, our asphalt mixing plants has been transported to over 60 countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Fiji, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Mongolia, South Africa, etc.

Considerate Service Team Solves Your Problems

As the asphalt mixing plant suppliers, we win by the quality and we succeed by service. Considerate and thoughtful service is also an important factor to judge whether asphalt mixing plant manufacturers are credible. Besides pre-sale service and on-sale service, after-sale service is the most important for customers. Our Aimix asphalt mixing plant manufacturers have a professional service team.

In recent years, we set up our Location-Based Service Center in the following countries, including the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan. When there is some wrong with the asphalt mixing plant, we will send our service team nearest to you to help you deal with your problems. We also believe that our Aimix asphalt plant manufacturer will set up more Location-Based Service Center in more countries in the future.

Our service team includes our salesman and our engineers. Our engineers can guide our customers to install and debug the asphalt mixing plant. They also can help train the operator and teach you some maintenance methods if you need them. Our salesman will visit our customers regularly, at least four times one year.

To sum up, you will be right to choose our Aimix asphalt mixing plant manufacturers.

Affordable Price Provide By Aimix Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Supplier

Besides complete service, you also pay attention to the asphalt mixing plant price. We guarantee that we can provide you with the most competitive asphalt mixing plant price. The reasons are as follows.

We have our factory, which can reduce the agency fees.

Choosing a suitable machine will save your original investment capital.

Right transportation way can reduce your transportation fees.

Helping install an asphalt mixing plant can save your installation fees.

Right maintenance methods will reduce the failure rate and save the maintenance fees.

All in all, choose our company and we will try our best to minimize your asphalt mixing plant price.

Product Demand Survey
  • What products do you need?
    • Concrete batching plant ( Stationary type, mobile type, foundation free type, Modular Type);
    • Concrete pump ( With mixer or only the trailer)  ( diesel type, electric type);
    • Self loading concrete mixer ( 1.2m3,1.8m3, 2.6m3, 3.5m3, 4.0m3, 5.5m3, 6.5m3);
    • Block making machine ( Shapes, sizes, quantities);
    • Asphalt plant ( Stationary type, mobile type / Batch plant, Drum Plant);
    • Crusher plant ( Stationary type, mobile type);
  • What project the machine will be used for? Building; Road ; Bridge; Block Making; Dam; Airport; Others?
  • Height above the sea level of installation site? Below 500m; 500m-1000m; 1000m-2500m; Over 2500mm?
  • Local Weather is? Cold zone, Warm zone, Hot zone?
  • Voltage is? 220V, 380V, 415V, 440V, Other?
  • Frequency is? 50HZ, 60HZ?

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