How Does A Concrete Batch Plant Work?

How Does A Concrete Batch Plant Work?

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Concrete batching and mixing equipment components include aggregate batching machine, the mixer machine, screw conveyor, cement silo, weighing system, control room, etc. According to the difference in raw materials, concrete batch plants near me can produce different hardness of concrete. But in general, its raw materials have stone, sand, cement, fly ash, water, and additive. So the working principle of the concrete batching plant can be divided into two steps.

First step is weighing. The sand and stone are transported to the aggregate batching machine by the loader. And they need to be weighed according to the pre-set proportions. At the same time, the cement and fly ash need to be weighed by the powder weighing system. And the water and fly ash need to be weighed by the water weighing system. You should notice that this weighing process carries out simultaneously.

Second step is mixing. Convey the weighed aggregate, cement, and water to the mixer machine, then mix them. Our concrete batching plant adopts twin-shaft compulsory mixer machine. It can effectively improve the mixing quality.

Finally, the whole process is finished. The concrete has been made.

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